Reading to Draw You Closer to Christ this Lent

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How The Choir Converted the World

Through Hymns, With Hymns, and In Hymns

by Mike Aquilina (Emmaus Road Publishing)

Author Mike Aquilina has made the theology of the early Fathers of the Church accessible to everyday Catholics. Now he shows us how the Fathers knew best when it came to pastoral practice — in this case, church music. If you think people disagree about appropriate music now, you should see what was going on in the early centuries of Christianity! Some felt that because of its past associations with pagan cults, there should be no music in church at all. Others used music to promote heretical doctrines. Happily, St. Ambrose, St. Ephrem, and others prevailed to tip the Christian world back toward the truth with beautiful melodies and memorable lyrics.

Knowing God’s Love

8 Essential Truths Every Catholic Should Know 

by John D. LaBarbara (Sophia Institute Press)

As the title suggests, there are foundational ideas about who God is, who we are in relation to him, and how we should live as a result. Drawing heavily from the Gospels and Church teachings, the author gives us a great refresher course that should clear confusion and lead the reader to confident faith and zealous action. It’s a wonderful book for use during Lent.


Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?

Questions and Answers about the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus

by Carl E. Olson (Ignatius Press-Augustine Institute)

Easter is coming. And as sure as the sun will rise, on the news we’ll hear about a “scholarly” pronouncement that Jesus didn’t exist, or wasn’t God, or didn’t rise from the dead. Feel free to ignore this because it’s not true. But if this kind of hype bothers you or someone you love, then read Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead? Author Carl E. Olson takes on each falsity and refutes every theory that suggests the Resurrection was a myth, fraud, or hallucination on the part of grieving disciples. Put it in the Easter basket of your favorite college student.

All In

Why Belonging To The Catholic Church Matters 

by Pat Gohn (Ave Maria Press)

What’s your relationship with the Church like? A little gun-shy since the sex abuse scandals? Keeping your distance after someone in a position of authority said something you found hurtful? Or just too busy to think much about it beyond Sunday Mass? Popular writer, speaker, podcaster, and Catholic Digest senior writer Pat Gohn wants to shake you out of lukewarm and into love. Her stories, chatty wisdom, and Scripture sharing will show you that, despite the turbulence, the Church is your guaranteed flight to heaven.

Featured Book

The Mystery Of The Cross

Praying the Stations with Pope Francis

by Fr. David M. Knight (Twenty-Third Publications)

Open your heart to the mystery of Christ’s way of life by walking the Stations of the Cross with the words of Pope Francis. Ponder these profound meditations by Fr. David M. Knight and “open your mind to die a little more to what holds you back, and to live a little more in the way that leads to the fullness of life.” Equally suited for group study or private devotion, this newest addition to the Praying the Stations series is sure to become a beloved and timeless classic.


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