Introduction to 2019 Catholic Colleges

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I’m pleased to share with you this Catholic Colleges supplement that’s available at and is sponsored by The Cardinal Newman Society! I hope that you will take some time to explore the exclusive content from the featured colleges and our tips for navigating the Catholic college search. You can view in-depth profiles on all of the Catholic colleges that we recommend at

At faithful Catholic colleges, students receive strong support in the Faith. They prepare for their careers, and also for the rest of their lives.

I will always be extremely grateful for my faithful Catholic education. It was during college that I met my husband, competed on a Division I tennis team, and prepared for my career. I used The Newman Guide to find my alma mater… and now I serve as the editor of it!

The reality is that Catholic colleges aren’t all the same.  On some campuses, Mass attendance is low, professors oppose the Faith openly in the classroom, and student life is scandalous. No wonder so many students lose their faith during college!

It was for this reason that The Cardinal Newman Society was founded in 1993: to promote and defend faithful Catholic education. We are eager to share the good news about faithful Catholic colleges that truly live out their mission!

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May God bless you!