5 Reasons to Choose a Faithful Catholic College


  1. No nonsense! Get a true education

Did you know that Catholics invented the university? For centuries, Catholic colleges formed the greatest minds in reason and wisdom. Today there are still colleges that embrace the fullness of all truth: discovered by science, preserved by culture, and revealed by God.

  1. Embrace a genuine liberal arts formation

The liberal arts teach not just facts, but also reasons. Employers today need ethical problem-solvers who can think clearly and rationally. Skills alone can’t bring success and happiness.

  1. Improve physically, mentally & socially

Faithful Catholic colleges help form the whole person — body, mind, and spirit. Whether in athletics or engineering class, you will be stretched to become the fully human person that God wants you to be.

  1. Grow in faith, virtue & wisdom

Faithful colleges offer a genuine Catholic community with frequent Sacraments, spiritual direction, Bible studies, authentic Catholic theology and philosophy, and much more. Don’t settle for a Catholic “center” at a secular college with a limited education.

  1. Prepare for your calling & vocation

Career is important, but you are meant for more! Discern your vocation and find greatness in your calling.  Become a virtuous leader for your family, workplace, and community. Prepare for eternity in Heaven!

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