Begin Your Odyssey at the University of Dallas


The University of Dallas is dedicated to the recovery of the Catholic intellectual tradition and to the renewal of Catholic theology in fidelity to the church and in constructive dialogue with the modern world. We strive for the spiritual, intellectual and moral development of all our students so that together we can work for justice and peace while preparing them to be effective leaders in society. We seek to provide an academic and collegial community that will help students acquire a mature understanding of their faith and prepare themselves for their calling as men and women of faith in the world.

Our Values

The university understands human nature to be spiritual and physical, rational and free. It is guided by principles that acknowledge transcendent standards of truth and excellence. The light of the Catholic faith illuminates every aspect of life at UD, which is truly an intellectual community engaged in an open and honest search for the truth.

Our Programs

From art to computer science, from biology to the classics, from drama to theology, UD offers a wide variety of rigorous academic programs designed around the ideals of a liberal education. The foundation of our undergraduate academic program is the Core curriculum, a series of 19 courses in philosophy, history, literature, science, theology, mathematics, politics, economics, language and fine arts taken by all undergraduates. A main feature of the Core is its focus on primary texts. In reading the greatest thinkers of Western civilization, students maintain a dialogue with the past that helps them understand the world in which they live today.

Our Commitment

UD perpetuates the long-standing Catholic intellectual tradition of delivering education that takes the whole person into account, preparing students for success beyond UD and encouraging them to make a difference in the world by providing rigorous scholarship with an emphasis on the liberal arts, a commitment to spiritual and ethical values, and the development of the whole person.

GOOD TO KNOW: Students attend Mass on campus at the Church of the Incarnation, which is centrally located and open 24 hours per day, providing a quiet haven for prayer and reflection any time of the day or night. Discover more about UD life and how to become a part of it.

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