Considering Campus Culture

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Actually, your college experiences outside the classroom may be just as valuable and formative as your formal education. Clubs, sports, prayer, and even social time are important in preparing you for life, career, and vocation.

Plus, you’ll spend just a portion of your time in class or doing homework. The rest of your time will be dedicated to friends and campus activities.  So make your free time count, and choose a Catholic campus culture that will help you mature into an extraordinary adult!

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If you’re an athlete or just happy to get in a good workout, you might spend a lot of time on the sports field or in the activities center. Get involved and grow in virtue through your experience.

Also, be sure to explore campus clubs, events, and lectures. Many of these will supplement your education and help prepare you for a career. Others provide leadership opportunities and a chance to make a difference in the world. Does the Catholic campus ministry provide many opportunities for Mass, Confession, and prayer? Look for an Adoration chapel—you’ll treasure your quiet time before the Eucharist.

You’ll spend a lot of time in the dorms. Do campus policies protect your privacy and dignity by prohibiting opposite-sex visitors in the bedrooms and hallways? Does the college promote and expect chastity and sobriety—or are drinking and “hooking up” the norm? Are there common areas where students can gather? Sadly it’s rare today to find a campus that’s suitable for Christian life, but faithful Catholic colleges strive to promote a healthy lifestyle.

With everything you do in college, you’ll be meeting new friends. If you choose a faithfully Catholic college where students are more likely to share your priorities and values, you’re sure to make the sort of friendships that can last a lifetime. And good companions are so important as you navigate the many changes in your life that lie ahead!

College is a turning point, a time of decision, and the start of adulthood. There’s no better place to be than at a faithful Catholic college.

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