How to Make a Good Campus Visit

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We cannot overstate the importance of making a thorough campus visit before choosing to attend a college or university! This visit should include an official tour, during which you can ask the questions that matter to you. Try to talk to other students and  professors to get their take on various aspects of campus life, such as the dorms, the Masses, weekend activities, and more. Try to spend at least one night in the dorms on a Friday or Saturday to get a clear idea of the campus environment.

Four key areas to explore:

  • Study the Academics

Ask about the classes you will take, what’s required for your major, and try to meet some of your future professors. Look especially into the core curriculum and philosophy and theology courses.

  • Learn about the Dorms

Are the dorms on campus single-sex? Or is that at least an option? What are the visiting hours like for students of the opposite sex? Responsible dorm policies will help you grow in virtue.

  • Check out Student Activities

What types of activities will you be involved with on campus? Try to meet the students and adult leaders of these groups. Ask about how events and activities integrate the Catholic faith.

  • Visit the Chapel

Check out the schedule for Mass on campus. Explore how else you can grow in your faith, such as through Rosary walks around campus, Bible studies, various kinds of retreats, and opportunities for Confession.

For more tips on how to navigate the Catholic college search, visit the The Newman Guide online.