“Set out into the Deep” with Northeast Catholic College


Unique among its peers, Northeast Catholic integrates a great books curriculum, classic majors, and the fine arts, all within a Catholic community that prepares its graduates to live fruitful, postgraduate lives. Add to these a mountainside campus in New England, proximity to Boston, skiing, student theater and our “Arts of the Beautiful” program, and the meaning of our motto, “Set out into the Deep,” becomes clear.  Our students have been called to greatness.  We help them answer that call.

Our Academic Programs

Through our unique curriculum, we challenge our students to pursue wisdom heroically through the reading of the great books, majors in classic disciplines, and participation in beauty. Animated by the fundamental questions that lead us toward lives of transcendent meaning, our studies inspire students to pursue a vision of reality that integrates faith and reason, preparing them to flourish in this life and the next. With a deep love of all that is true, good, and beautiful, our community seeks to overcome a culture of skepticism, relativism, and mediocrity, embracing an integrated vision of creation and culture.

Our Catholic Culture and Community

As pilgrims united in a common journey, we draw sustenance from the sacraments, our beautiful liturgies, and opportunities for prayer, cultivating a campus community and friendships in which students experience grace, solidarity, and a hope that overcomes isolation. Supported by our residential chaplain, the Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy, and Father Michael Gaitley, MIC, our students prepare for lives of spiritual fruitfulness, leadership, and service.

Our Career Pathways and Vocational Discernment Programs

Many students feel caught between the desire for a robust Catholic education and the economic demands awaiting them in postgraduate life. Others believe they must specialize as undergraduates to achieve postgraduate success. Northeast Catholic’s “Career Pathways Program” overcomes these challenges and enables students to lay the foundation for professional success after graduation. Our graduates have demonstrated how Northeast Catholic prepares students for success in every field. Through “Career Pathways” and our vocation discernment program, students discover their deepest calling and prepare to answer that call.

Northeast Catholic is also uniquely affordable and can prepare students effectively for every career.  Begin your application today and let our admissions team prepare a generous financial aid package. To learn more about Northeast Catholic,  visit our website.