University of Mary Students Lead the Way for Life

Photo courtesy of Rachel Gallic

When Katrina Gallic was 14 years old, she woke up one day paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors discovered a very rare spinal condition. No one knew if she would ever walk again. Through her teen years, Katrina determinedly recovered her mobility. She then enrolled at the University of Mary, where she became a beloved student leader. The University of Mary fervently believes that it is called to support the full flourishing of each student who comes here. Katrina loved her years at the University of Mary and credits her time there as tremendously formative, filled with opportunities.

“The University of Mary taught me that the reason to study hard and train is so our gifts can be given away in service to those God calls us to. This lesson has made all the difference,” Katrina says. On a January afternoon in 2016 in a last-minute decision, Katrina threw her clothes into a bag and boarded a University of Mary bus for the March for Life. On their way home the students forged through a blizzard that left them stranded in their buses for over 20 hours, all the while showing the world the joy and dedication of the young pro-life generation. The following January, in 2017, Katrina walked – under her own power – to the podium in Washington, D.C. as the student speaker at March for Life. Her dynamic, hopeful, rousing presentation was a sensation and afterwards 600 classmates and friends of the University of Mary in blue and orange led the march! So many who heard her speech were awed by her sincerity and passion that when March for Life started searching for someone to tell their story through social media, Katrina’s smile, energy and joyfulness made her the perfect candidate. From a student at the March for Life to now working as the social media coordinator at the March for Life headquarters in Washington, D.C., Katrina’s time at the University of Mary opened the door to the fulfillment of a dream job doing what she loves most – spreading the pro-life message to the nation.

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