Sunday Gospel reflection: Remember Jesus’ story

Third Sunday of Lent, Year B

"Driving of the Merchants from the Temple." 1580–1585, by Ippolito Scarsella (1550–1620). Photo: Public Domain

Lent is a time when we simplify our lives so we can focus on how we live out our faith. Liturgically, we journey with Jesus, whose mission we continue in our time and place, so we can see our lives in light of his. And we recognize that our spiritual growth comes through an encounter with Jesus, our brother and our model.

But how do we discover what is asked of us?  How do we discern God’s invitations to us?

Like the disciples who accompany Jesus as he cleanses the temple, we are students of life and seekers of truth. Through the disciples we are reminded of the importance of memory in our quest. John’s Gospel tells us that as they observe Jesus ejecting merchants, the disciples recall a certain relevant passage of Scripture. Similarly, after the Resurrection they remember comments Jesus made here about raising a temple in three days. Through remembering, through recalling Jesus’ words and actions, they discover meaning, relevance.

When we gather for Eucharist, we remember. We recall the Gospel stories on which our faith is founded so that we may make connections, discern invitations. Faithful disciples, we, too, make sense of our lives, our actions, and our decisions through entering Jesus’ story.

In our remembering we perceive the interweaving of our stories with the story of God among us. We discover clarity, meaning, and our very identity as Christians and as disciples.

— Ella Allen


Exodus 20:1–17

Psalm: 19: 8, 9, 10, 11

1 Corinthians 1:22–25

John 2:13–25

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