Sunday Gospel reflections: Finding a place at the table

Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

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How many will be saved and will I be among them? The future can be uncertain; all of us look for a helping hand at times. In government, business, even the Church, we sometimes depend on who we know in order to get what we want — to be accepted into a certain school, for example, or to get that great job, or to be introduced to the right people.

In today’s world with its poverty, crises of leadership, environmental destruction, financial instability, violence, war, and intolerance, not all voices are welcomed and listened to, not all find a place at the table. Are those with few resources and no influential friends any less worthy? Jesus would say not. We have a responsibility toward each other.

When it comes to a place at the table, to eating with Jesus in the kingdom, Sunday’s Gospel speaks of the narrow door, the not-so-easy way in. It might be the way of sharing so that there is enough food, water, and shelter for all. It might be to see myself, my actions, and my country’s policies having an impact on the person beside me or even on another continent.

The people in Sunday’s Gospel arrived late, after the doors had been closed for the night. Jesus encourages us to be ready and to be on time. It is our actions rather than who we know that will save us.

— Sr. Carmen Diston, IBVM


Isaiah 66:18-21

Psalm 117:1, 2

Hebrews 12:5-7, 11-13

Luke 13:22-30

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